John Lennon and Paul McCartney discuss their songwriting partnership (1966, recorded in Paul’s house)

(Martha barking in the background)

John: (barks in response)


Reporter: How old is this dog?

Paul: Seven weeks, actually. Seven weeks, so it doesn’t really understand about the BBC yet.

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Imagine that you’re at a Jimi Hendrix Experience concert. You’re in the front row and the adrenaline is pulsing trough your veins. You’ve loved the first set so far and can’t help looking at the suave guitarist the whole time. You’ve noticed that he keeps glancing your way every once in a while. After one song, Jimi walks over to the edge of the stage where you are and bends down to say hi. “What’s your name, Sweet Thing?” He asks you, smiling. You tell him your name and he smiles back at you. “Be back in just a second.” He says as he gets back up to play.
Jimi walks over to the mic and tells the audience that the next number he will play will be Foxy Lady in honor of you.
As Jimi begins to play, you feel truly contented. He winks at you as he finishes the song, intensifying the moment.

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Anonymous asked:

Can I have a JH imagine where he sings "Foxy Lady" to (y/n)? ~ Jacqi

Busy Being Mike Nesmith's Sunny Girlfriend Answer:

HahaXD sounds like a groovy plan! I’ll give it a go;)

Anonymous asked:

Comforting Mike Nesmith imagine, please? :)

Busy Being Mike Nesmith's Sunny Girlfriend Answer:

Of course, Doll!

Imagine blowing bubble gum with Pete Townshend. You each have a huge wad of pink bubble gum in your mouth and are competing to see who can blow the biggest bubble. You both laugh at eachother as the failed bubbles pop in one another’s faces. You give it a go and start blowing your bubble, it turns out to be gigantic and it explodes all over your face, sticking to your nose and forehead. You here Pete burst out in laughter as you turn to him. He takes one look into your eyes and starts to blow his bubble. It grows even bigger than yours and explodes onto his face and sticks to his nose, covering his whole face. The two of you die with laughter, falling all over eachother and just having the time of your life.

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