Led Zeppelin Clean The House


You walk past the boys bedrooms and see clothes thrown all over the floor, as well as empty beer cans and pizza boxes. You shake your head as you go downstairs. There, you find them lounging on the couch, watching tv. A half empty chip bag lays on the floor, with crushed chips all over the place. Bonzo lays on one couch, one of his dirty socks hanging half way off his foot, and on the other couch sits Robert, Jimmy, and Jonesy. Robert is slouched down as he picks lint out of his bellybutton, Jimmy is staring intently at the tv as he bites his nails, and Jonesy is picking his nose, watching the boys from the corner of his eye to make sure they don’t look over and see. “Okay, slobs…you’re going to clean the house today” you say. “Nooooo” Robert says as he flops over onto Jimmy. Jimmy shoves him off of him. “Do we-” Jonesy starts before realizing his finger is still up his nose. He quickly pulls his finger out and starts again. “Do we haaave to though?” “Yes, you do. Let me know when you guys are finished” you respond. “And what if we don’t do it?” Bonzo says after sitting up and giving you a sassy smirk. You give him the death stare and he holds his hands up to protest, “okay, okay..” he says. 

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Anonymous asked:

I forgot to mention something else in the ship request XD I also have an acoustic guitar and I also have a mix of french and white (quarters of both), I just actually figured that out last night XD ~ Jacqi

Doing ships, imagines, and everything classicrock Answer:

Haha! Awesomesauce! Based on the info you just gave me… I’d still say you and Jimi are a pretty good match:) He’d love that you play guitar like him and that you have such an interesting mixed background.

Anonymous asked:

May I have a ship please? I'm 5'7 with long, brunette hair, I have quite a dark complexion, because I have Native American roots. I can be silly at times, but lately, I've been more serious - terrified of what people think of me. I find myself being really vigilant at times and it's difficult for me to get close to somebody. I like being around children, because apparently they like being around me. I play guitar, harmonica, piano, ukulele and some others and I love old folk, rock and country(:

Doing ships, imagines, and everything classicrock Answer:

Hi there, Anon!

You have been shipped with GEORGE HARRISON of the Beatles.

i think you and George would get along great together:) he would love your long dark hair and and darker complexion. He would find your Native American roots quite fascinating. Like you, George has a very silly, sweet side but can also be very serious. George would be great for you because he is a very non-judgmental person and could help you forget about all these people that you feel are judging you. He would have empathy for you because he knows what its like to have people watching for you to make a wrong move and judge you (he was a Beatle after all). He would want to help you break through that feeling and feel free to be yourself. Like you, George loves to hang around little kids and would look forward to having a family of his own one day. You both play guitar and ukulele.And he would love for you to teach him to play harmonica and piano. You both old folk, rock and country songs too:) 

Anonymous asked:

Smutty Keith Richards imagine please?? (; thanks!

Doing ships, imagines, and everything classicrock Answer:

Absolutely! coming right up;)

Anonymous asked:

Hey Em, did you get an ship request from me? I asked to be shipped with an member of the JH Experience, if you didn't get it I can rewrite it if you want ~ Jacqi

Doing ships, imagines, and everything classicrock Answer:

Hey Jacqi! yeah, I did get your ship request and I just posted your results:) No need to rewrite your ship thingy. Sorry again for not getting to it until now!

Anonymous asked:

Hello!!! I was wondering if you could ship me with a member of the Beatles, queen, and led zeppelin? I'm nearly 5'4", curvy, and have curly dark brown hair. In super sarcastic and have a killer sense of humor. I play piano and sing but I have a terrible voice. I'm fascinated by abnormal psychology and vintage jewelry. Also I'm super outgoing if I feel like the people around me are receptive towards me but I get really quiet if I think people might judge me. Thanks dude!!

Doing ships, imagines, and everything classicrock Answer:

Howdy Darlin’!

From the Beatles, you have been shipped with JOHN LENNON.

John and you have a lot in common! You both can be sarcastic and have a killer sense of humor. I think John would get a real turn on from this because it would kind of be like getting a taste of his own medicine. You both play piano and sing. John wouldnt mind your voice since he has gotten some flack for his singing, too. John would think its cool that youre into such deep stuff as abnormal psychology and vintage jewelry. You can both be super outgoing and John could help you forget about how people might be judging you and just feel free to be yourself. He would love your curly dark brown hair:)

From Queen, you have been shipped with BRIAN MAY.

You and Brian would make a very smart couple I think:) He would love your sense of humor, no doubt. You both play piano and Im sure Brian would want to teach you some guitar, too:) He’d probably try to help you sing better, too. He would love that you love scientific studies like he does what with the abnormal psychology and all that. He would like it that youre also outgoing at times. He would think your curves are sexy.

From Led Zeppelin, you have been shipped with John Paul Jones.

I think Jonesy would love how smart you are. You are both sarcastic at times and your killer sense of humor would challenge his witty and sardonic one. He would love your curves:) He would think its cool that you enjoy abnormal psychology and vintage jewelry. You both play piano. 



Imagine the sound of Bob Dylan’s moans filling your ears as you work your hand along his cock. His own hands wander blindly over your breasts, his eyes shut while he leaned against the back of the bed. “God, yes, yes—” The pitch of his voice crept ever higher as he bucked his pelvis against your hands, prompting you to bend down, running your tongue over the sensitive slit on his cock.