Anonymous asked:

Hi! Could I have a ship? I'm 5'8, have golden blonde hair and hazel eyes. I'm very outgoing, sharp-tongued and demanding. I'm interested in spirituality, yoga, mythology. I'm a vegetarian and I love nature and children. ❤️

Busy Being Mike Nesmith's Sunny Girlfriend Answer:

Hi there, M’Dear!
You have been shipped with STEVE HOWE from the Prog Rock band Yes.
Steve would think your blond hair is so lovely! And your hazel eyes would leave him mystified. You both are very outgoing and would easily hit it off. You are both sharp tongued and demanding but in return, Steve would give you all he’s got. The two of you would have fun doing yoga together. Plus, you are both vegetarians! Yay! The two of you would always be out in nature where you feel the most complete together and since you both love kids, you would have quite a few when you’re both ready:)


Imagine going star-gazing with Mike Nesmith.  ”Beautiful,” he says, and you agree, thinking he’s talking about the stars.  With your head tilted looking up, you didn’t notice he was looking at you when he said it, not the stars.

Oh ma gawd!


Imagine waking up one night to the sound of guitar music on your front lawn. You look out the window to see Mike playing an acoustic version of your favorite Monkee song. He looks up and when he sees you, a crooked smile washes across his face like he just saw the sun for the first time in years.

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Imagine opening your lunch and finding a sunflower with a note from Peter Tork telling you how much he can’t wait for you to come home.